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'The Notebook's' Nicholas Sparks Heading To TV

Alright ladies, time to head to Costco and really stock up on those Kleenex. As we told you earlier, Nicholas Spark’s newest movie is Safe Haven starring Julianne Hough and Josh Duhamel is set to hit theaters February 8th. For those avid fans who want Sparks drama year round, get ready because the author has not one, but THREE potential new shows for television according to a The Hollywood Reporter.

Sparks is working with TNT to develop a series based on his 1999 novel A Bend In The Road. This series is set in Georgia and centers on the love story of a recently widowed Sheriff and his son’s second grade teacher.

As you might expect, Sparks is also working with Lifetime on Deliverance Creek. This series centers on mother trying to provide for her family while keeping a steady set of morals. This drama is set in the post Civil war era.

Last but not least, the author is also in talks with ABC Family and John Norris (Jane By Design) for a modern day interpretation of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet entitled The Falls. 

Don’t you worry bookworms, the author told THR he promised novel writing would still be his first priority.

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