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Nicki Minaj Talks New Reality Show, American Idol, and Halloween

Nicki Minaj dished on her new upcoming E! reality special, being the new judge on American Idol, and even gave Miley Cyrus props on her Nicki Minaj Halloween costume.

The hip hop Barbie already had one special about her life that aired on MTV, but now E! is taking things a bit further. Instead of just a few behind the scenes clips and an interview with Minaj, E! had a camera crew follow Nicki for 21 days.

The three part special title Nicki Minaj: My Truth is schedule to air Sunday, November 4, and the Young Money rapper has already revealed that this will definitely be a side of her that her fans aren’t used to seeing.

“You’re going to see the no makeup, the crazy sweaty face in the studio, you know, the regular stuff,” the 29-year-old rapper told Ryan Seacrest when she called in to his radio show. “You’re going to see rehearsals for the tour, behind-the-scenes stuff, me speaking to people who interview me and really saying how I really feel about the people who interview me.”

The “Starships” songstress went on to admit that she is the most excited about showing the people she is forced to be around every day that she has come to love as a family.

“A great part of what I love about the special is showing the people around me… it’s like showing us kind of take on all these new things that have been thrown my way recently,” she added.

She certainly has added a big task to her plate as she took on the role as one of the new American Idol judges and will also be preparing for her new album release.

As the interview continued, the Barb revealed that she has some interest in getting closer to Ryan Seacrest – close enough to step on Julianne Hough’s toes.

When asked if she felt like she could confide in the American Idol host, Minaj explained that Seacrest actually inspired her and may be the only reason she went through with the new Idol gig.

“I hope to get close to him… I mean, you just never know, we may be getting married,” Nicki added as a joke

Well the Barbs are certainly excited for the leader to be spotted behind the judges table, but they are hoping that the reality series will expose the one thing that won’t make it to the nation wide viewing of American Idol – the feud with Mariah Carey.

It was revealed that Minaj blew on Nick Cannon’s wife after she kept trying to talk over her and the hip hop starlet’s fans are hoping that some better quality video of the rant will be featured at some point during the three part special.

During the on air interview with the “Pound the Alarm” crooner’s potential future husband, the new judge also explained what type of judge she hopes to be on the show.

“I didn’t want to go on the show and be phony to contestants,” Lil Wayne’s mentee explained. “I want them to have a real idea of the business, because this is real life and if you really want it, you’ve got to be able to [handle] tough criticism.”

So the quirky star made it clear what kind of judge she wanted to be, but she opted out on trying to be something for Halloween.

The wig loving rap star was out in London during the spooky holiday and didn’t even attempt to dress up for Halloween. In fact, it seemed to be one of the most casual outfits that the curvaceous beauty has flaunted yet.

With a simple snap back, a jean jacket, high waisted jeans, and some thigh high boots Nicki looked like an average person for once – minus the fact that she also decided to opt out on a shirt and settled for a colorful bra instead.

Luckily, Miley Cyrus still got the unpredictable and energetic hip hop star involved in the holiday by dressing up as her back in the States.

When the Harijuku Barbie caught a glimpse of the get up, she seemed to be beyond impressed.

“Oh my God. She is the best Nicki Minaj impersonator I’ve seen in my life,” the blonde haired rapper turned pop singer exclaimed. “She’s adorable!”

Miley even slid in some playfully obvious butt pads to complete the entire look.

Although it would have been fascinating to see what the YMCMB member came up with for a costume, she did seem to embody the whole point of Halloween – dress up in a way that you would never get to do during any other day of the year and make it unexpected.

For Nicki plain clothes with a snap back probably was the only outfit we didn’t expect on Halloween night.

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