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Gabrielle Union: Content with Championship Ring over a Wedding Ring?

The Miami Heat were presented with their 2012 NBA Championship rings during their season opener against the Celtics this week. Apparently, the respective wives and girlfriends of the Heat team got their bling as well. Gabrielle Union, Savannah Brinson (fiance of superstar LeBron James) and others showed off their championship ring replicas on Twitter and Instagram. Ms. Union is not just making headlines for her new jewelry however; she recently had some interesting things to say about her and Dwyane Wade’s relationship.

For those who do not know, Gabby Union was married before to NFL player Chris Howard. After four years of marriage, the couple called it quits back in 2005. Dwyane Wade had a very public and very nasty divorce from his high school sweetheart Siovaughn Wade. Eventually, Wade won full custody of his sons earlier this year after a lengthy and volatile custody battle.
Because of how controversial the relationship has remained over the years, it may be easy for the public to forget that Gabrielle Union and D. Wade have just been dating for three years. Now with custody woes settled and court trials out of the way, the public has been watching closely to see if these two will finally say “I do.” However, Gabby has some other ideas about the direction her life will take with D. Wade. It’s reported that she’s content with being “just a girlfriend,” and that she is enjoying the time they are spending together as a couple. Union says her and Wade like each other a lot and they are taking their time to ensure a long-standing relationship.
“…we like each other a lot and we both failed miserably the last time either one of us got married. So, I think we’re doing it slow, you know what I mean? I think when you rush in, then people have crap to say. If you go too slow, people still have stuff to say, so, I think we have to just take it at the pace that’s great for us. But, who knows? I’m open to everything, but right now I just like saying “my boyfriend, my boyfriend, my boyfriend D Wade’. And then maybe later, provided my eggs aren’t dust, we’ll see what I can (coughs) cough out.”
If blog comments are any indication, then being a long-time girlfriend is something that seemingly doesn’t sit well with many. Some believe that Ms. Union is only comfortable in her current position because he hasn’t proposed yet; and they suggest a proposal is something she is secretly pining for. However, from the looks of it, Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade are enjoying themselves and she certainly isn’t stressed about not having an engagement ring from her love. Besides…she seems content with the Championship ring.
What do you think? Should Ms. Union be at all concerned that Wade hasn’t popped the question? Or, should the public stop the marriage campaign for these two?
Gabrielle and D-Wade
Savannah Brinson and Lebron
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  1. Natasha Marshall-Faulkner says:

    Shes getting all the perks of a wife, so why should she be stressed! Its not like shes never been married, so im sure she is telling the truth about not wanting to rush it. Enjoy yourself girl, live it up and be happy doing you.

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