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Ebony’s ‘Power 100’ Includes NeNe Leakes. Seriously?

NeNe Leakes will cover the December issue of Ebony Magazine for the annual “Money and Power” issue, but does the reality starlet deserve to be a part of the Power 100?

Ebony’s Power 100 list ranks all the most influential African American women of the year, and featured Leakes on the list was enough to get some back lash but placing the Real Housewife on the cover of the mag has some people up in arms.

“Really, Ebony? Really? Is this a joke,” Demetria Lucas, a clutch contributor wrote on her Facebook wall.

NeNe found herself on the cover after transitioning from just a reality star into an actress. She capitalized off her rude attitude on the Real Housewives of Atlanta and it landed her an acting gig with Glee and her latest role on “The New Normal.”

In this sense, the 44-year-old has certainly fought her way to success, but does that necessarily make her one of the most influential African Americans of 2012?

To put things in a better perspective does the drama causing and openly materialistic starlet deserve to be included in the same list that features 16-year-old Olympian Gabby Douglas who trained almost every day for years in order to bring home the gold as she represented the entire nation in gymnastics?

It seems like most people are chiming in that the answer is a big fat “NO.”

When it comes down to it, despite the fact that the African American community did seem to tune in to the show in overwhelming numbers, it wasn’t because they were so proud of the way the women acted. The appeal of the show was to almost laugh at the ridiculousness of how the women acted on national television…

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2 thoughts on “Ebony’s ‘Power 100’ Includes NeNe Leakes. Seriously?

  1. I will see you at the Top! It's easy to stay in the slow lane and waste your life away just don't forget where you came from and who helped you along the way! my quote: Ms.V.

  2. William Landis says:

    The power 100 is an indication that black America is on a race to the bottom.

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