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'John Dies at the End' Trailer

This is old-ish news (Old in movie news terms, as in “from two days ago”), but all I’m hearing about today is Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars, which, zzzzzzzz. So here’s something that’s interesting: the trailer for John Dies at the End, which is one of the strangest movies to see the light of day in a long time. Based on the novel of the same name by David Wong, the film… well, the trailer does a good job of explaining (sort of) all the crazy supernatural happenings that are going on. Such as a drug called soy sauce that gives you extrasensory powers, a monster made of meat, and time travel.

I’ve seen the movie, and it’s imperfect but extremely fun. Veteran horror director Don Coscarelli has done a terrific job, and this trailer really sells the strangeness and hilarity of the film. It will be released on VOD December 27th and in theaters January 25th. Watch the trailer below:

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