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Exercise Before Breakfast Leads to Better Fat Burning

Although the benefits of exercise are well-known, people have been unsure about whether it is better to do it on an empty stomach or a full one.

Dr Jason Gill, who conducted the research at Glasgow University, said that while exercise in itself is good, any done before breakfast may be extra beneficial, because it forces the body to rely on its stores of fat for energy.

“When people talk about losing weight, they really mean losing fat,” he said.

Ten men made three visits to his laboratory at the university’s Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences

On the first visit, the men didn’t do any exercise. On another, they did an hour’s brisk walk ahead of breakfast and on the third they did the walk after breakfast.

Those who exercised burnt off more fat than those who simply sat around. And those who did their walk before breakfast used up 33 percent more fat than those who exercised after eating.

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