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Ancient Egyptian Isis Sculpture Sets World Record Price at Christie’s Auction

Isis scupture

A world record for an ancient Egyptian work of art was set at Christie’s last week when a 29 inch sculpture of the goddess, Isis, dating from the Late Period Dynasty, c 664 – 525 BC, sold for £3.7 million.

Made from a dark sandstone, known as greywacke, it was probably used as a healing statue for those who wanted to call on the goddess’s magical powers of protection.

The price more than doubled the previous record for an Egyptian work of art set in 2005 when the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth, Texas, bought a smaller but older tomb sculpture of the magisterial Ka-Nefer and his family.

Isis, which had been estimated at £400,000- 600,000, was bought by the London sculpture dealer, Daniel Katz, for his own private collection.

Source: The Telegraph

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