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Critically-Acclaimed Chicago Jazz Singer Terry Callier, Dead at 67

Jazz singer Terry Callier has passed away at aged 67.

Terry Callier grew up in Chicago with the likes of Jerry Butler. He’s often seen as one of the unsung heroes of jazz for releasing critically acclaimed albums that failed to find big commercial success. It was his songwriting ability that earned him huge respect from his peers and the music industry.

While relatively obscure for much of his early career, he found success in the UK when British DJs rediscovered him towards the late 80s and early 90s. Since then, Terry has regularly toured his material to crowds in the UK during his holidays from his full-time job at The University of Chicago.

After releasing the album ‘Timepeace’, Terry won the United Nations’ Time For Peace award for Outstanding Artistic Achievement Contributing to World Peace. It was this international recognition that caused his University employers to learn about his double life. Famously, he returned home from collecting the award to find out he had four hours to clear his belongings.

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