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Usher Buys $12,000 Puppy for Charity

Usher Raymond out bid the former “Gossip Girl” Jessica Szohr for possession of the adorable puppy on Thursday at the Pencils of Promise Gala in New York City.

Usher’s puppy cost the R&B crooner a whopping $12,000, but every penny of it will be going to a charitable cause.

Pencils for Promise will be using all proceeds from the Gala to help fund the construction of schools in Laos, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Ghana.

After being able to win the long drawn out custody battle over his two children, it’s no surprise that the singer was willing to pay the hefty sum of money in order to get a new furry friend for his sons.

The “Scream” singer even took to Twitter to boast about his bidding victory.

“All in the name of feline fun,” Usher tweeted.

Perhaps the singer should have proof read the tweet before bragging about the new canine… not feline.

Needless to say Tameka’s ex didn’t catch the blunder and went on tweeting about the new furry friend.

“It took me 2 years but I outbid everyone this year to bring Poppy home to Ush,” he added.

The name “Poppy” is inspired by the actual name of the charity Pencils of Promise, or PoP as it’s commonly called.

Despite how cute the moniker is, Usher isn’t ready to stop his trend of naming thins after himself

“…Raymond is what I’m thinking of naming her,” Usher admitted, but of course he was well aware of who would be the real judges when it comes to what the puppy would be called.

“…There are two gregarious 3 and 4 year olds that will have the last say and the responsibility that comes with her,” Usher continued as he reiterated the fact that the kids would indeed have to take up some of the responsibilities that come with having a puppy.

In addition to paying the $12,000 price tag, which is considered a donation to the charity, the 34-year-old also donated his time by providing private dance lessons to two gala attendees for $65,000 each.

Usher’s puppy is obviously cute and adorable, but on top of that she’s even helping to provide an education for children who might not get an education otherwise.

There’s nothing better than a cute puppy with a cause.



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