Chris Brown Concert Blocked, Karrueche Tran Preps For Halloween?

Chris Brown and his ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran have found themselves in the news for the first time in the past week for things unrelated to their on-again off-again relationship. Brown who is still suffering from the backlash of his brutal beating of his first girlfriend Rihanna will have to contend with the nation of Guyana to perform there in December.

According to reports, Guyanese activist are protesting the scheduled concert.

“As if life in Guyana could not get more bizarre, we read that the Government of Guyana as part of its mission to promote tourism is bringing Chris Brown to Guyana. Chris Brown gained additional notoriety for his attack on his girlfriend, Rihanna,” said a letter from Save Guyana. “Chris Brown, like many of the men who brutalize women in Guyana, did not do any jail time for this action. In Guyana, the Government and the Private Sector cannot provide funding to sustain the domestic violence programs needed to rehabilitate men like Chris Brown.”

The 23-year old R&B singer has been too busy juggling his love life and other work commitments to bother respond to the protest. Meanwhile his ex-girlfriend Karrueche shared photos of herself dressed as a Native American at her Pumpkin carving party. No word if Tran will recycle the costume for Halloween. The photo shows her presumed kitchen filled with sweets like cupcakes and cookies. Rihanna’s bff Melissa Forde took swipes at Tran on Instagram earlier this week calling her “rice cake” amongst other threats.


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