Judd Apatow Adding Editor To His Resume

Yes, you read that right. Judd Apatow is  most well known as the extremely successful writer, producer and director behind hits like Knocked Up, The 40 Year Old Virgin, HBO’s Girls, and the upcoming sort of sequal to Knocked Up, This is Forty. Oh and for being Leslie Mann’s hubby and Paul Rudd’s BFF. Deadline.com recently announced that Apatow is taking on a new role as guest editor to Vanity Fair’s first ever comedy issue.

A mock version of Annie Leibovitz’s own VF cover

Apatow pitched the idea to Vanity Fair’s actual editor-in-chief Graydon Carter, never dreaming he would be on board. Lo and behold, Carter loved Apatow’s idea and the comedy issue is set to hit stands in January 2013. Rumor has it Apatow will be doing a spread of “Who’s Who” in the Hollywood comedy scene. Fingers crossed that some of his funny friends, like Steve Martin, Sarah Silverman, Seth Rogan, and Lena Dunham will be seen on the glossy pages. I also hope the famous photog Annie Leibovitz signs on as well.

He will be the third guest editor for Carter and the iconic magazine. Tom Ford was in charge of VF’s 2006’s “Hollywood Portfolio” edition, while Bono edited the “Africa” themed edition in 2007.

If Apatow’s editing skills are anything like his writing, directing, and producing skills, this issue of Vanity Fair will be a hilarious hit.

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