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Al Pacino to Star as Aged Rocker in 'Imagine'

A recent article from Deadline revealed that the iconic Al Pacino will play an aged rock star attempting to rekindle his spirituality in an upcoming film titled Imagine.

Imagine follows Pacino’s character as he is inspired by a letter John Lennon had written to his 19-year-old self. He decides to give up the stereotypical rocking life of debauchery, including his younger girlfriend and arena-packing performances. Pacino’s character instead chooses to focus on rekindling the relationship with his son and rediscover the music he originally intended to make.

Al Pacino will join the already cast Julianne Moore and Jeremy Renner, who will play Pacino’s 40-year-old detached son. It’s unclear what role Moore will take, but suggests she’ll primarily serve as a potential platonic relationship. Al Pacino seems to be quite into the music genre at the moment, as he’s also slated to star as Phil Spector in an untitled biopic.

Imagine will be screenwriter Dan Fogelman‘s directorial debut. Fogelman’s work can be seen in such films as Cars, Cars 2, Crazy, Stupid, Love, and Tangled. He claims that to finally have worked his way up the ladder and helm his own project is more than a dream come true.

“Every writer has ‘that one project’ … the one they feel so strongly about that they can’t bear to turn it over to anyone else,” Fogelman said. “For me, that project is Imagine. It was a career highlight simply to get a script of mine into Al Pacino’s hands. To have him read it, and then want to star in it – it’s five steps past career highlight. And now, to have Julianne Moore and Jeremy join the fray … it’s beyond my wildest dreams.”

The storyline for Imagine seems like a cleaned up version of The Wrestler, perhaps without the series of wrong decisions (we’re still crying here). It’s exciting to see Al Pacino get behind a project that has only a script to back it up. Hopefully, his name, along with Moore’s and Renner’s, will attract a few more to this upcoming project.

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