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Kourtney Kardashian Shields Weight Loss on Date with Scott Disick

Kourtney Kardashian was spotted going on a shopping spree before joining boyfriend Scott Disick for a romantic lunch date in Miami.

The mother of two has shed almost all of her baby weight (which she credits to eating healthy around the house and trying to stay active), but she still decided to wear a fashion forward ensemble that would hide her body instead of showing it off.

The 33-year-old reality star rocked a pair of loose fitted high waited flare out pants that almost resembled a maxi skirt.

The split between pants legs was only visible as the starlet took long strides, but still had the same flowy effect that a maxi skirt provides.

She paired the incredibly comfy looking pants with a orange halter top and some peep toe heels… a great trendy post-pregnancy outfit.

It looked like the fashionable mother was searching for some more trendy threads as she made her way through Miami’s Design District.

She stopped by several posh stores and boutiques before making a small purchase at the high-end fashion store Celine.

Rumor has it that the oldest Kardashian sister wasn’t just on a mission for new clothes either. Apparently the starlet was also searching for some new space for the Kardashians’ DASH boutique.

After her shopping trip came to an end she headed to midtown Miami to enjoy a lunch date with long time boyfriend Scott Disick.

The couple has been together for about five years, but there seems to be trouble in paradise… serious trouble.

Recent reports have revealed that Disick isn’t even around enough for his new baby girl to know who he is.

Apparently Kourtney was distraught to discover that daughter Penelope didn’t recognize her own daddy.

The trouble comes in when you consider the fact that baby Penelope is probably the only girl in Miami that doesn’t know Kourtney’s boyfriend on a personal level.

The well known party boy has been hitting the town again lately and has been seen several times with his arms around a “hot blond” at several nightclubs.

“It seemed so obvious his relationship with Kourtney is for show,” once source told The Daily last week. “He’s using her name to be able to headline events like this and get free booze and chicks for himself and his friends. Meanwhile, she’s at home with two kids. It’s sad.”

The anonymous source may be on to something as Disick obviously distanced himself from the mother of his children during their lunch date.

Perhaps if the entrepreneur can spend at least half as much time invested in Penelope as her grandpa does, the relationship might not fall completely apart.

Bruce Jenner has been ecstatic to welcome his step-daughter’s baby girl into the world and even shared a photo of Kourtney cuddling with her newborn daughter via Instagram.

Unfortunately, we’re still waiting to see a pic of the father admiring his daughter the way everyone else does.

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