Chris Brown Spotted with Karrueche – Love Triangle Rumors

Rumors surrounding the relationship between Rihanna and Chris Brown are in danger of turning into an even bigger circus, as photos showing Brown with ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran popped up, just days after he was seen snuggling with Rihanna in a Beverly Hills night club.

The shots were taken outside of Brown’s home on Monday, where Tran and Brown reportedly left in separate cars. An anonymous source told E! News hinted at a love triangle, despite Brown’s public break-up with Tran earlier in the month.

“They are hooking up, but they are not dating exclusively,” the insider said. “So he was with Karrueche on Friday and Sunday and Rihanna on Saturday.”

Other sources around the rumor mill had more pragmatic explanations for the sighting however, claiming that Tran and Brown were going through post-break up formalities.

“All Karrueche is doing is moving her stuff and tying up some loose ends with Chris. That’s all there is to it. Chris has a part of her, yes, but she’s strong enough to move past him and I know she wants to,” another source explained to “Chris wasn’t around this weekend to let her get her things, so she did so today.”

Few things are certain when it comes to celebrity romance, but it’s probably best to take these things with a grain of salt. As Tran tweeted herself on Monday night, “people will believe anything they read.”

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