Michael Fassbender-Starring 'Assassin's Creed' Movie Moving Forward

THR reports that the wheels are turning for Assassin’s Creed, the film adaptation of the wildly popular video game series. Production company New Regency is partnering with Ubisoft to make the film, which has amazing actor / mutant leader / android / ridiculously sexy thing / demigod Michael Fassbender attached as the lead. Fassbender, who last year got The Most Deserved Profile Bump Ever as he starred in seemingly every other film, is working on a pretty successful streak. Even in terrible stuff like Prometheus, he’s still fantastic. So even though Assassin’s Creed seems like an immensely silly property, if he’s on board, I’ll definitely give it a chance.

Just how silly are we talking, though? I haven’t played the series, but descriptions of the plots of the games are enough to make my head hurt. The main character is a modern-day guy who is forced by an evil corporation (which is also the Knights Templar) to relive the lives of his ancestors, who were all part of a long line of assassins (presumably with creeds). In the past, he runs around chillin’ and killin’, while in the present, he’s seeking out artifacts that have something to do with ancient aliens who created humanity* and the end of the world and good grief. I don’t understand why the games can’t just be about assassinating people in historical settings, but what do I know. Hopefully the movie will drop all of that goofiness. We’ll see how things develop as it goes forward.

*Is this theme going to be a “thing” with Fassbender movies now?

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