SNL Spoofs Second Presidential Debate

During its cold open, Saturday Night Live offered its own interpretation of the second presidential debate from earlier in this week, featuring Jason Sudeikis as Mitt Romney, and Jay Pharoah in his new role of President Barack Obama this season. New cast member Aidy Bryant played moderator Candy Crowley, as the two impersonators duked it out over the same issues brought up during the debate. The skit has the two candidates arguing almost to the point of physical fighting, with jabs over Romney’s use of the word “friend.”

“I’m not your friend,” said Pharoah’s Obama, prompting Sudeikis to reply: “Well, I’m not yours sparky.”

Guest star Tom Hanks played the role of Kerry Ladka, the town hall attendee who brought up the subject of Libya during the debate. From there, the comedians reenacted the infamous fact-checking moment from Monday’s debate.

“I am willing to bet, here and now, that you’ve never, in your life, even once, used the phrase “terrorist act,” the spoof Romney says. When Bryant’s Crowley confirms that the president has used the phrase, as she did in the actual debate, Romney pleads with the moderator, while Obama drops the mic and brushes his shoulders off.

You can watch the entire skit below

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