NeNe Leakes Punched in the Face by Kenya Moore?

Rumors are flying (and apparently so are fists) that NeNe Leakes got punched in the face by “Real Housewives of Atlanta” newcomer Kenya Moore during the taping of the new season.

NeNe always showed off her loud mouth on the reality show and apparently that mouth landed her some other great television opportunities such as appearing on “Glee” and now joining the cast of “The New Normal,” but her recent scuffle might ruin her feisty, tough girl persona.

According to MediaTakeOut the ladies had some clear tension between each other before the 41-year-old beauty queen punched her dead in the eye.

Media Take Out went on to add that the wanna-be bad girl of the show simply “turned and walked away” after getting “popped.”

Perhaps Leakes should have picked her fights better and realized that the Detroit native wasn’t going to be quite as easy to run over like some of her former cast members.

In a last ditch effort to protect her reputation, one source claimed that “The New Normal” star is trying to convince producers to “edit the footage, so that she doesn’t look quite as bad as she did.”

The only question is, will Michelle Obama still be tuning in to any of the Real Housewives shows with violence like this continuing to make headlines?

During her appearance on “Live with Kelly and Michael” the first lady admitted that she did like to catch a few episodes of the reality show, but didn’t specify which one.

The daytime talk show called the segment “The First Lady Lightning Round” and during the quick fire of questions, Kelly asked what Michelle’s favorite reality show was.

In all honesty, there isn’t really a “good” answer to this question considering the fact that every reality show on television now features violence, racial stereotypes, vulgar language, or all of the above.

The President’s wife paused a bit before answering the question and then confessed, “I do love a little ‘Real Housewives’ every now and again.”

With six different series of the reality show, it can only be speculated of which one the First Lady watches.

Last September Jezebel reported that Kyle Richards’ husband tweeted President Obama and told him that Michelle was a fan of the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

In addition to tuning in for a few “Real Housewives” episodes, the first lady also admitted that the family enjoys watching “Modern Family” together.

As far as the President himself, he confessed his love for “The Wire,” “Homeland,” and “Boardwalk Empire,” but also revealed that you would never see “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” on their TV screens.


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