Jason Segel to Play Punk Rock Parent

2011’s documentary The Other F Word exposed audiences to the other side of punk rock – what happens to all those rebel icons when they grow up and become fathers. Now, thanks to Jason Segel and Drew Pearce, you’ll be able to see a full-length feature’s worth of the same material.

Jason Segel is set to star in the upcoming feature based on the 2011 documentary made by Andrea Blaugrund Nevins. Segel is no stranger to the punk genre, co-starring in the massively underrated SLC Punk! alongside Matthew Lillard (remember him?) in 1998. Drew Pearce, who’s set to pen the project, is garnering much attention and momentum these days. The screenwriter is also involved with the already filming Iron Man 3, the upcoming remake of Godzilla,  as well as Sherlock Holmes 3.

Hopefully, audiences will once again be exposed to Jason Segel’s knack for music. His talent was already showcased in the form of puppetry in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, exposed as Rush worship in I Love You Man, and made to look downright giddy in the most recent incarnation of The Muppets. It’d be more than interesting to see his spin on the punk genre. We can only hope that Hollywood execs will give the “How I Met Your Mother” star freedom to do so.

A feature version of The Other F Word sounds more than reasonable, especially if it’s including the likes of Jason Segel. The actor has proven on multiple occasions that he has quite a talent for blending drama with comedy in seamless fashion. We’ll see what he can pull off with super-glue in his hair, tattoos on his forehead and metal, well, everywhere. While we wait, enjoy the trailer for the original The Other F Word below.

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