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Nicki Minaj And Cassie’s "The Boys" Video: Fans React

Cassie released a still photo of Nicki Minaj from their video for “The Boys”stooped in front of her preparing fans for what looked like a nasty, hyper-sexual video. It turns out however that Minaj’s first single from Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded – The Re-Up was a fashion, lollipop colored fun video….with a small peak at Cassie’s butt cheeks..guess they couldn’t resist.

Reactions to the video released on Thursday was mixed with most fans leaning towards the negative.

One user form a popular gossip site stated, “I made it to the one minute and forty-nine second mark. I’m not feeling the song or video. The video is cute but it put me more in the mind frame of a photo shoot or commercial than an actual video.”

Another added,

“BTW Cassie girl, please stop threatening us with your music. I loved Me& You, but that was almost five or six years ago. If you haven’t got it by now then it aint gonna happen. King of Hearts was cute though. If your gonna do music then do dance/techno. BTW Focus on your modeling, you could easily become among one of the Elite Victoria Secret Angels. Hell your career in modeling could be huge, Possibly even bring back the term Supermodel. (Because we all know that term is almost dead)”

One reader was actually berated for dearing to like the video,

Anyway, I just watched this video like 5 times & I love it *shrugs shoulders*

The harsh comments aside the Colin Tilley-directed video has garnered 1,209,177 views and 42,269 likes on Youtube.

Minaj expects to release more singles from Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded – The Re-Up in anticipation of its November 19th, “We still have singles to roll out on that album … for instance, ‘Va Va Voom’ was [just] added into rotation in the U.K., so I can’t treat it like my stepchild just yet,” Nicki told MTV  “But there’s new kids on the way, so I kind of wanted to be fair to the old songs and be fair to the new songs.

Watch Nicki and Cassie in “The Boys” – we promise not to give you any thumbs down if you don’t like. 🙂

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