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R. Kelly Adding New Chapters To ‘Trapped in the Closet’ – Video

R. Kelly delivering new chapters of ‘Trapped in the Closet’

Get ready to spend Thanksgiving weekend with R. Kelly.

The singer says he’ll release the latest installment of his much-discussed “Trapped in the Closet” video-musical saga on Friday, November 23.

“They’ll be coming out the day after Thanksgiving,” Kelly told TIME. “We just shot 20 chapters.”

And that’s not all: “‘Trapped in the Closet’ is forever,” he continued. “I’ve got like a hundred chapters to come.”

The upcoming chapters will pick up where the series left off in 2007 with the spread of a mysterious “package.”
R. Kelly gave fans a sneak peek today (Oct. 17), when he released the first chapter of the latest installment. Chapter 23 of ‘Trapped in the Closet’ brings up one question everyone needs an answer to, “Where’s Chuck?” Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait till next month to find out…

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