Alvin Ailey Dance Foundation Chooses New Executive Director, Bennett Rink

The Alvin Ailey Dance Foundation chose the man in charge of its fund-raising, marketing and public relations to become the next executive director, the foundation said on Tuesday. He is Bennett Rink, who joined Ailey in 1994 as special events manager and rose to become senior director of development and external affairs. Mr. Rink succeeds Sharon Gersten Luckman, who joined the institution in 1992 and became executive director in 1995. She will step down at the beginning of next year. The foundation’s centerpiece is the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater company, and includes a large school and educational programs. Mr. Rink’s appointment will complete a turnover in the foundation’s artistic and executive leadership. Robert Battle succeeded Judith Jamison, the long-time artistic director, last year. Mr. Battle could also be considered an insider, having choreographed many works for the company since 1999.

Source: Daniel J. Wakin, NY Times

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