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Robert Pattinson to Co-Star in 'Hold On to Me'

A recent article has named Robert Pattinson as the latest addition to Hold On to Me, an upcoming kidnapping film that will also star Carey Mulligan.

Based on true events, Hold On to Me follows a femme fatale and her boyfriend as they attempt to kidnap a wealthy local man and bury him in a box. As you can imagine, things only get worse. The script was penned by Brad Inglesby, who only has last year’s under-the-radar feature The Dynamiter to his name. Oscar nominee¬†Todd Field was originally set to direct, but pulled out of the project to in favor of directing The Creed of Violence. A new director has yet to join the picture.

Unfortunately, Robert Pattinson will not be taking the role as the boyfriend. He’ll instead play Jimmy, a character described as “the love of the woman’s life.” One can only assume this means Mulligan, and that Pattinson will be playing a fairly clean-cut character. Flashy, maybe, but overall just clean-cut. The role of the boyfriend opposite Mulligan has yet to be named.

Hold On to Me will join the heavily populated list of films Robert Pattinson has lined up for the next two years. He’ll appear in The Rover alongside Guy Pearce, enter the bizarre world of Werner Herzog in Queen of the Desert, and do something most assuredly mysterious in Mission: Blacklist.

So for those of you wondering where Robert Pattinson will go after all this Twilight nonsense has blown over, the answer is quite simple: the same place he’s always been (well, since Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire).

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