Rihanna’s Reality TV Show Flops in Britian

Rihanna’s British reality TV show will air its season finale Tuesday night, in what might be the final chance for the few fans of Styled To Rock to watch. The Rihanna-produced show debuted in August, and struggled to find viewers during its inaugural season. The premiere episode brought in under 100,000 viewers for Sky Living, the program’s network home. After its 10 episode run, Styled To Rock appears to have slim chances of being renewed.

“There are no plans to bring it back,” a TV insider told DailyMail. “Commissioners lost confidence in the project.”

A source within Sky contended reports of the show’s demise were premature. ‘It is far too early to make a decision,” the source said. “After every big launch, we undertake extensive research and will make a decision when we evaluate the results.”

The show was similar to America’s longrunning Project Runway in design, pitting a group of designers against one another. Twelve designers competed, designing outfits for different celebrities each episode, including the likes of Kanye West, Katy Perry and Cheryl Cole. In the end, the winning designer created the outfit Rihanna wore during London’s Wireless Festival in July. Three mentors, including Rihanna’s own American stylist Lysa Cooper, handled the contestants throughout the show’s filming.

Though her career as a television producer is off to a rough start, Rihanna’s musical career is looking as strong as ever, with her new song “Diamonds” topping the charts, and an album due out next month.

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