Jennifer Lopez’s Nip Slip on Tour; Kim K's Sheer Halloween Costume

Jennifer Lopez accidentally showed a little more of her body than she intended while on tour, but Kim Kardashian, on the other hand, took Halloween as the chance to purposely show off her cleavage.

J-Lo has been known for her revealing outfits on stage, but this time her sparkling outfit may have shifted a little farther south that the 43-year-old expected.

The mother of two took the stage at the Unipol Arena in Balogna on Thursday and was flawlessly performing yet another sexy routine when the nip slip shocked her fans.

As her cleavage seemed to be slowly finding its way out of her skin tight ensemble, one of her backup dancers (and not boyfriend Casper) quickly grabbed the star’s breasts.

It isn’t sure if this was a part of the dance number or if the dancer took action to help Lopez pull up her top to send her nipple back into hiding.

A slight peak at a nipple usually wouldn’t be so shocking, especially considering how much of Janet’s cleavage was exposed during the 2004 Super Bowl performance with Justin Timberlake.

What makes this case different, however, is that is the former American Idol judge’s second wardrobe malfunction in one week!

The first slip up wasn’t nearly as severe as the “Dance Again” crooner’s nipple almost coming out, but it was enough to show the world that even this curvaceous songstress needs a little help to pull off some of her skin tight ensembles.

As she moved from one dance move to the next, fans became increasingly aware of a change in color on her stage costume about mid-way down her thigh.

The Bronx native’s Spankx weren’t so nude after all as they began to show through her dazzling get up.

As the “Going In” songstress continues her “Dance Again” world tour, fans will probably be on the edge of the seats waiting for what wardrobe slip up might come next.

Casper’s girlfriend had not intention of exposing so much of her cleavage but Kim Kardashian posted a photo of herself on Instagram where she purposely exposed all her goodies.

With a boyfriend who brags about how the world laid eyes on your sex tape, perhaps exposing her body to the world is just what Kimmy K has to do to keep Kanye interested.

The 31-year-old reality star was shopping around for a sexy Halloween costume when she found one that exposed most of her cleavage and famous curves.

The tiger costume had a large sheer see through panel that just barely curved in enough at the top to make sure that the middle Kardashian sister didn’t have her own nip slip.

Halloween is definitely a chance to have fun getting dressed up and there is no problem with wanting to get a little sexy, but the skin tight see through tiger jumpsuit simply didn’t leave much to the imagination… nor did it even make sense as to why the front of the costume was almost entirely see through.

Either way, Kanye’s boo has made it very well known that she loves getting a chance to play dress up as she even went all out last year with her Poison Ivy get up.

Perhaps the reality star is trying to show off her flat stomach while she still has the chance, because rumors are spreading quickly suggesting that Kim K is finally preggers.

The L.A socialite posted a picture of herself playing the “baby ring trick” which is usually a game only played by expecting mothers.

“Has anyone tried the baby ring trick,” Kourtney’s younger sister added as a caption on the photo. “Kourtney’s is accurate!”

Just moments after posting the picture her Twitter was flooding with mentions from fans asking the star “are you preggo?”

Of all the Kardashian sister’s Kim has made the most fuss about having children so it wouldn’t be a surprise if the starlet really was trying to tell the world something, but then again she might just be toying with everyone’s emotions a bit.


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