Aaron Paul Has A 'Need For Speed'

Deadline.com reports that Aaron Paul will be joining the cast of Dreamwork’s Need for Speed. As can be expected, the Emmy-winning actor will be the lead role of this video game adaption. Need for Speed begins filming early this year, with Scott Waugh (Act of Valor) set to direct. The film is heavy with car stunts, similar to those of the Fast and the Furious fame, but Paul’s acting chops suggest it might be a film with more depth.

Even before his current television gig wraps, The Breaking Bad actor has already begun his transition from television to the silver screen. He’s starring alongside Mary Elizabeth Winstead in Smashed, which opens in January 2013.  Smashed is about a couple’s relationship that gets rocky when one decides to sober up.

While I usually steer clear of movies that are a) adapted from video games and b) focus on car stunts, I will keep an eye on this one solely to track Aaron Paul. The actor has proven his skills on Breaking Bad and I can’t help but try and be a loyal fan.

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