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‘Breaking Bad’ Episode 10: ‘Buried’

Breaking Bad” Season 5 Episode 10 “Buried doesn’t pick up from Walt and Hank’s intense staring contest, which is a bit odd – but as always, take these spoilers lightly. It begins with Saul urging Walt to contact his friend to help him disappear while he can, but he insists on handling this on his own.

Walt then visits a depressed Jesse to tell him that Hank may know about them. Jesse isn’t doing very well, he has started using again because he’s drowning in guilt after all he has done.

Meanwhile, Marie is struggling with Hank, who has been buried in his room looking over Heisenberg files and obsessing over the case. Things aren’t any better for Skyler, as the IRS has been looking into her finances.

Skyler tells Walt that she thinks Ted Beneke told the IRS about her. Skyler and Walt take all of their money from the storage and bury it in the desert where he first cooked with Jesse. Walt keeps quiet to Skyler about Hank knowing. At work, Hank isn’t sure if he should reveal Heisenberg’s identity.

“Breaking Bad” airs Sunday night at 9PM on AMC.

Source: Examiner

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