Veganism is Not for Every Body, Blood Type

On the 1st of August 2012 I officially QUIT Veganism. After years of Veganism, semi-veganism (sometimes when my gut felt painful I would give in and take Omega 3 fish oils, which made me feel better. Well, they are after all a powerful anti-inflammatory), I was always deficient in major vitamins despite the huge amount of supplements I took, had hormonal and serious endocrine disruptions which could have been the start of lifetime diseases, no energy, breathlessness, muscles that were floppy and so weak and painful, frozen muscles, spending days stuck in bed as days flew by because I just was too lethargic to get up and about. I had swelling all over, and even though I was sugar free, no junk food, gluten free, had gained a stone in weight. I was so perplexed as to WHY this was happening despite eating restricted calories and raw vegetables, in a vegan ethos. It just didn’t make any sense as to why I could not fit into any of my clothes any more. For someone who enjoyed some work as a model, this was rather distressing. I thought I had the healthiest diet on the planet!! So what was going on!!?

I had been aware that my blood group in O+secretor for a while, and roughly knew that Peter D’Adamo in his book Eat Right For Your Type recommends Type O’s having a diet rich in meats and vege but not much grains. I thought, well, i feel so ill, there is only one way to find out! So I bought some organic Salmon, cooked it and sat there with baked salmon on a plate in front of me! My instinctive feeling was that this was right to do, yet like as if it was a religion, vegan philosophies echoed through my head!! Instead I said a prayer of thanks for the nutrition that nature has supplied me with and Reikied my dinner. About half an hour later, I felt very awake and alert! I felt quite good!!

I had tried ALL the ‘vegan proteins’ indeed, with poor or little results… I had a lot of organic gmo-free soya in my diet. I was never very good at digesting beans or legumes at all. In fact I could not eat lentils whatsoever, as i would get server gut pain, muscle pain and sickness if I did. Many of the vegan so called ‘superfoods’ made me sick. Extra Virgin coconut oil makes me vomit and brings out autoimmune reaction- AND before anyone says “its just toxins coming out of the body”, what a load of rubbish, it is immune inflammation not toxins leaking out from your skin, read about how the immune system works!!. So many vegan snacks products and desserts were made of Cashews, which are quite toxic and disgusting, promoting bad gut fermentation. Vegan foods seemed to be a FAT-FEST, vegetable fat-fest. Agave syrup is actually not very low GI either at 78g per 100g of carb sugars!! All these so called ‘super’ foods, vegan ‘raw’ foods are not so healthy…

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