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Nicki Minaj, Cassie Collabo on ‘The Boyz’

Nicki Minaj doing God-only-knows-what to Cassie

We already knew Nicki Minaj and Cassie’s dude-themed collabo “The Boys” was gonna be a doozy, but we had no clue just how doozy-ish it would be. And yes, we just added an “ish” to the word “doozy” and we’re owning it. Thanks.

Just last week, Nicki posted some behind-the-scenes footage from her Cassie-assisted “The Boys” video, and as you might imagine, it’s basically an explosion of neon with some fierce rapping and super-stunning outfits. In other words, it’s perfect! From what we can tell, the video consists mainly of Nicki strolling down the streets of L.A. surrounded by men in hot-pink suits whose sole purpose is to hold umbrellas over her. #TheLife.

As if the behind-the-scenes video wasn’t enough, last night Nicki treated her Barbz to even more “The Boys” sneak-peek action when she tweeted a still from the video shoot. Yeahhhh, so we’re, ahem, not too sure what’s going on in the image…

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