Are Your Belief Systems Limiting Your Ability to Attract Love?

Why does finding love seem simple for some and impossible for others? Is love only for the lucky? Is it really about being in the right place at the right time or is there something more to it?

Actually, there is plenty more to it. How we view romantic love and our own lovability has everything to do with what we learned growing up. Every family has their own cultural norms around love and marriage. I call these belief systems. Someone else designed them, perhaps generations ago, and they have been systematically reinforced for years, becoming your reality.

In order to understand the effect your downloaded LOVE blueprint is having on your romantic life, you must get conscious of what limiting beliefs your blueprint contains—how your current mental state is structured.

Take a Love Assessment

Answering these questions will illuminate your relationship patterns, self-regard, and limiting beliefs about love.

A re-design is not only possible but completely doable! However, it is only possible once you know what the original looks like.

1. What was your family culture about love and marriage?

2. Were your parents divorced?

3. Who had the “power” in the relationship?

4. As a child, did you feel loved and valued?

5. How did your parents regard each other?

6. What experiences from your own past romantic relationships impact your current blueprint?

7. Was there verbal and/or physical affection in your home?

8. Was there verbal and/or physical violence in your home?

9. How many people in your family have good marriages?

10. Was marriage held in high esteem in your childhood home?

11. Were people free to express their feelings?

Allow yourself to take the time and space to think back to the way it was. By accessing the real memories, the blueprint you have been rocking will come into sharp focus. Once you have a clearer vision of your limiting beliefs, you can start to draw up a newly remodeled blueprint.

Create a Vibration of Love

Journal the kind of love you want to draw into your life. Include in your journal entry how you would like the relationship to be and how you want to feel. Take time to read what you wrote and feel the feelings of having that experience.

In order to draw the love you seek into your life, you MUST be able to visualize and feel the experience. Since we are all made up of energy, when you feel the love you want, your energetic vibration is raised…

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