NeNe Leakes Lends Support To Fellow Housewives

NeNe Leakes took time out from her busy schedule to party it up with her fellow Real Housewives last night in Beverly Hills (see photos below). The popular reality TV star is also putting on a new eBay auction that will sell her luxurious gently worn designer clothes at a fraction of the price.

No matter what your opinion was of the outspoken Real Housewife of Atlanta, you have to admit when it comes to style she knows what she’s doing.

“I love fashion and I am asked that famous red carpet question all the time: Who are you wearing,” the reality star wrote on her website “All of the top designers, of course, Hunni! Now I want to share these beautiful clothes with you.”

Who would have thought NeNe would be the one to come out as a fashion philanthropist, putting the expensive garments up for sale and starting bids are relatively low resale prices.

Some of the extravagant pieces you can expect to see on eBay courtesy of Leakes include an aqua green Versace dress valued at $150, an Oscar de la Renta skirt valued at a whopping $350, and a autographed copy of her book “Never Make the Same Mistake Twice” valued at $25 without the autograph which is sure to boost the book’s value.

Of course, giving up so many garments means the 44-year-old with have to replenish her closet especially as the promotional season for the fifth season of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” nears.

In addition to getting ready for the new reality show season, she still has to manage her latest role in “The New Normal” and a reoccurring role in “Glee.”

The reality star turned actress even took to Twitter to remind her many followers that new episode of “The New Normal” was right around the corner.

“Guess who’s coming 2 the wedding 2nite on The New Normal @ 9:30 on NBC? …ME! Don’t miss it,” she tweeted just hours before the new episode aired.

The outgoing television personality also admitted that she loves her character on The New Normal.

She plays the role of Rocky who serves as a “fierce and fabulous” assistant to the gay soon-to-be dad Bryan (played by Andrew Rannells).

The actress behind Rocky was so excited to see that the audience seemed to love her character just as much as she did.

“That’s how I know it’s a good show if people are quoting my lines back to me,” she exclaimed in an interview with US Weekly. “It feels great, it really, really does.”

The former Celebrity Apprentice contestant did admit, however, that the role wasn’t something she was necessarily drawn to.

“Well, nothing actually drew me to the role,” NeNe explained. “Ryan Murphy told me I had to do it, so I just said yes! Because he had given me the character Roz Washington on Glee, so I feel like I am in debt with Ryan and I feel loyal to him…”

The fashionable TV diva also revealed that she would be more than willing to return to Glee, despite the fact that her plate is getting full with all her other television appearances.

“I absolutely would love to go back over to Glee,” the mother of two said. “We shoot on the same lot, Paramount, and I pass them every day so I can just walk over there. I would love to be back…”

With all her recent success and wealth, it’s hard to believe that at one point the reality star wasn’t rolling in dough the way she is now, but she was quick to adjust to the lifestyle of the rich and famous.

“You have to change on a platform like this, when people are judging you and talking about you,” the wealthy New York native explained. “You can’t stay the same.”

She even pointed out how for her even fame and fortune came with a price.

“It’s very difficult. You can’t trust a lot of people,” the New Normal actress told Wendy Williams. “Your girlfriends all change. Your family is now against you. It’s unreal. So you have these walls up.”

During her interview with Wendy she showed just enough vulnerability to prove she had a heart, but briefly after showing a soft side she took a jab at Sheree Whitfield who has constantly been accusing NeNe of having a dramatic character change.

“I know Sheree is exciting about people calling her name because nobody really even knows she’s on the show,” the Real Housewife said with a sly grin on her face.

NeNe’s net worth has recently been estimated at a whopping $3.5 million while her co-star Sheree’s was estimated to be just a little more than $250 thousand.

In other Real Housewife news, the Real Housewife from Beverly Hills Kyle Richards opened up her own boutique and just celebrated the grand opening last night.

The boutique received support from several other major television personalities such as songstress Christina Milian, L.A’s newest resident Rocsi, Basketball Wives LA cast member Laura Govan, and of course the fierce fashionista from Atlanta NeNe Leakes.

Leakes came out to support a fellow housewife who has also decided that a reality television program wasn’t going to be the only major business venture on her hands.

The ladies took over the red carpet, sporting all sorts of luxurious fashions while the photogs snapped away.

The new boutique, called KYLE by Alene Too, features a variety of designers from Vintage Chanel to Haute Hippie.


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