Police Possess 100 Hours of Video In Alleged Zumba Studio Scandal

Police say they have 100 hours of video showing Zumba dance instructor Alexis Wright with male clients, making the case that the studio doubled as a site for a prostitution ring.

They also claim to have more than 14,000 screen shots featuring her and her alleged clients, some of which have been leaked to online media outlets.

The scandal dates back to 2010 when prosecutors say they were first tipped off by a blog posted online. The unidentified writer claimed of Wright: “She’s living a double life and is a p-n star. She may be a pr-itute for all I know.”

Suddenly, police began surveillance of Pura Vida of Portland, Maine. In July, they noticed that men were frequenting the dance facility at all ours of the day. Then witnesses reported “moaning and groaning” allegedly coming from the studio.

When the landlord investigated, he allegedly found a video camera, a tripod, a massage table and more. That resulted in a police raid in February

During that raid, police allegedly found belongings that “don’t fit in a Zumba dance studio,” without being specific. They claim Wright allegedly generated more than $150,000 annually for allegedly having relations with purported clients.

They have now charged her with 106 counts of violation of privacy, tax evasion and other charges for allegedly “providing […relations] for money” claims Fox. They have also charged Strong with 59 counts of promotion of prostitution and violation of privacy. The case has yet to get a trial date. Wright and Strong have denied any wrongdoing.

Wright’s lawyer, Sarah Churchill, has refused comment about the matter. Daniel Lilly, Strong’s lawyer, claims the case is without merit.

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