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Steven Tyler, Nick Cannon Call BS on Minaj-Mariah Feud

Former American Idol judge, Steven Tyler, agrees with Nick Canon as the two men believe the beef between Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey is nothing short of a publicity stunt.

Let’s face it… even the bottle throwing club beef between Chris Brown and Drake didn’t stay in the news this long.

News of Nicki’s beef with Mariah has now sparked rumors that American Idol producers are only using the drama to get some free publicity for what used to be America’s favorite singing talent show.

Ever since other competing shows emerged, such as The Voice and X Factor, American Idol’s ratings have been plummeting and they may be trying to use drama to get their viewers back on their side.

When asked if he thought the feud was “bulls**t” the former American Idol judge and lead singer of Aerosmith replied, “Of course. Are you kidding?”

Even Mariah’s husband, Nick Canon believes that the beef is nothing more than theatrics and drama.

“That’s exactly what you called it was drama,” the America’s Got Talent host told E! “With drama, it’s theatrics. I’m not worried about that stuff.”

Father of twins Monroe and Moroccan wasn’t even intimidated by the supposed death threat that Nicki Minaj uttered backstage.

Although not one source has been able to confirm the death threat, Nick Canon’s wife insists that the hip hop Barbie walked off camera before saying, “If I had a gun I would shoot the b—-.”

Well the former Wild’n Out host may not be concerned, but apparently the 42-year-old mother of twins was frightened enough to feel the need to hire extra security.

Even if the “Starships” rapper did threaten the “Touch My Body” songstress, it’s very unlikely that she would even follow through with it.

Back in 2008 Lil Wayne’s mentee also put out a death threat against fellow female rapper Remy Ma and four years later Remy is still alive and well.

If anyone is taking this beef out of proportion, it seems to be the two ladies involved… not Fox.

Either way, Mariah decided to “Shake It Off” for her husband’s birthday and leave all the Barbie drama behind her for a while.

The superstar couple celebrated Nick’s 32nd birthday with silly party hats and lots of fun photos.

Mariah posed in her husbands lap while wearing a fitted short black dress along with the goofy party hats before the pair departed to go to Playhouse nightclub.

“My hubby on his birthday fest! On to the party! Happy birthday Nick Cannon,” the new American Idol judge tweeted along with a photo of her man in a well tailored suit and a glass of rose champagne sitting across from him.

For once, it seemed like the American Idol spat was the last thing on her mind as even the extra security she supposedly hired was nowhere to be found.


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