Stacey Dash Supporting Mitt Romney

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has declined the invitation to appear on Nickelodeon’s “Kids Pick the President special on Oct. 15, despite President Barack Obama making time for the show which features a Q&A followed by a mock online vote by kids.

“He simply didn’t have time. He couldn’t fit it into his schedule,” the show’s executive producer and host Linda Ellerbee said she was told by Romney’s camp. “That’s several million kids who actually want to get involved in the democratic process. They don’t deserve to be dissed. But former Gov. Romney also blew off Letterman and Big Bird, so I guess we’re in good company.”

Nonetheless, the move could be a damaging one as during the last few elections, the kid’s votes have matched up with the actual electoral college five out of six times. This diss follows Romney’s statement during last week’s debate that he would be cutting Federal Funding for PBS, the home of iconic kid’s show “Sesame Street.”  That almost certainly raises the question of whether Romney gives a hoot about Americans below the voting age.

Nickelodeon began airing “Kids Pick the President” in 1992. Since then, only two other candidates have declined to participate: Democratic candidate John Kerry which in turn prompted President George W. Bush to withdraw. During this year’s Q&A, President Obama will answer questions on gun control, jobs, illegal immigration, same-sex marriage and bullying.

In other election news, actress Stacey Dash, who most recently appeared in the first season of “Single Ladies,” announced on Twitter that she would be voting for Romney. Dash tweeted a photo of herself in a red bodysuit reminiscent of “Baywatch” complete with life preserver in hand and the American flag as a backdrop and said: “Vote for Romney. The only Choice for the future.”

Tweeter Terri summed up Dash’s announcement neatly. “Does anyone really care about Stacey Dash’s opinion?”

Mark Hamill of “Star Wars” fame also used social networking to share his views on the presidential election. “I’ve never seen a candidate for President lie more than Romney,” Hamill tweeted last week. “He lies effortlessly, shamelessly. This snake oil salesman must be defeated.”

Here’s an idea: How about a debate between out of work actors fielding questions from kids?


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