SNL Spoof Explains Obama’s Poor Debate Performance

Saturday Night Live hit comedy gold as they created a spoof skit of President Barack Obama’s less than impressive debate performance on Wednesday and even recreated Mitt Romney’s creepy stare.

While political analysts and news commentators are still trying to figure out a real reason why the president performed so poorly, SNL blamed the debate loss on the first lady.

The sketch featured Jay Pharoah as Obama and Jason Sudeikis as Romney.

Pharoah reenacts the president trying to figure out a last minute anniversary gift, which is supposedly the real reason the great public speaker didn’t necessarily become the greatest debater.

To add even more fuel to the fire, the SNL comedians suggested that Obama’s shout out to his wife during the opening of the debates was really an apology and the president’s way to try to get back in good graces with his wife.

The skit mainly focused on Obama’s performance, but of course the late night live television sketch series isn’t known to show any favoritism as they took a few jabs at the Republic presidential hopeful as well.

Sudeikis somehow mastered the creepy, awkward stare that Mitt gave the president throughout the entire debates.

Of course, his facial expression was a bit more exaggerated for the sake of comedy, but it was certainly very reminiscent of the GOP candidate’s debate stare.

No word yet from Romney on how he feels about the reenactment of the debate, but Obama has already shown his sense of humor.

Rather than still be upset over the loss, President Obama joined in on the jokes about his sad performance on the first night of debates.

At a celeb filled, star studded Hollywood concert the president admitted that even he could learn a thing or two from the musicians on stage.

After praising the performers for their amazing, flawless performances that they always managed to pull off night after night, he pointed out that even he can’t constantly pull off the perfect performance.

The stars who conquered the stage and received the praise from the president included Jon Bon Jovi, Earth Wind and Fire, Stevie Wonder, Katy Perry, and even Jennifer Hudson.

The concert cost an average of $250 per person and the Nokia Theater managed to fill up 6,000 seats.

One of the president’s biggest fans, George Clooney, was given the honor to present the president in front of everyone at the concert.

Obama did remind the crowd of 6,000 that although he may not have been a great debater on Wednesday, public speaking will always be his thing.

He used the short time after the concert was over to speak to the large crowd, promising them he would do whatever he could to bring an official end to the war in Iraq and bring justice to the terrorists of 9/11.

The next round of presidential debates takes place next Tuesday at Hofstra University in New York.

Fingers crossed that Obama will have a much better performance than the one last Wednesday or SNL will have yet another pot of comedy gold to add to their collection.


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