NC Preacher: Obama Actively Supports Evil

North Carolina preacher Patrick Wooden is speaking out against President Barack Obama, and what he believes to be the promotion of evil with the president’s pro-abortion and gay marriage stances. Wooden was one of the right-wing figures that pushed for North Carolina’s ban on gay marriage with an amendment to the state constitution earlier this year. As a guest on radio host Michael Brown’s Line of Fire program, Wooden asserted that African-American families and homes have been endangered by the President’s gay rights and abortion agenda.

“Our homes have been decimated, and with the things that have happened in our community,” Wooden said on the show. “Do we need to add to it a President where little black boys and little black girls are hearing this great man in the most powerful position in the land say ‘I believe same-sex marriage is the direction that the country ought to go in.’”

“Of the two platforms only one platform actively supports evil. Abortion is evil. Same-sex marriage, the greatest oxymoron that I know, is evil,” Wooden added.

North Carolina is currently viewed as one of the most important swing states, carrying 15 electorate votes. Based off the passing of the gay marriage amendment a strong portion of North Carolina voters have a stance on same-sex marriage that contradicts with Obama’s. “I hope as many African Americans as possible are offended by his position,” said Wooden told the San Francisco Chronicle in September. “I hope that even if they don’t vote for his opponent, they just leave that part of the ballot empty.”

Wooden has referred to Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, a practicing Mormon, as “a bishop of a cult.” As the leader of a church body about 3,000 strong, Wooden’s outspokenness could have an impact on North Carolina’s voters, and ultimately the presidential election.

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