Roy Williams Other Kidney Benign

Roy Williams was relieved second kidney tumor isn’t cancerous.

The school announced test results Thursday night, a day after the Hall of Fame men’s basketball coach had a biopsy of the tumor discovered on his left kidney. The school says the tumor is an oncocytoma, which is a benign growth often indistinguishable from kidney cancer on X-rays that doesn’t spread like a cancerous tumor would.

Doctors removed the same kind of growth from Williams’ right kidney during a 3 1/2-hour procedure on Sept. 19 and said last week that there was a ”good chance” the second tumor was also benign.

In a statement, Dr. Eric Wallen, one of Williams’ surgeons, said the 62-year-old coach won’t need surgery on the left kidney. Wallen said Williams could return to his normal schedule and should be ready for the start of preseason practice next week.

”The result of the biopsy of the tumor on the left side is great news for Coach Williams and his family,” Wallen said. ”He is recovering very well and we will continue to follow his progress.”

In a statement, Williams thanked his family, players, assistant coaches and friends for their support, as well as the medical staff for his treatment.

”Saying I’m overwhelmed truly doesn’t give justice to how much I appreciate all their thoughts and good wishes,” Williams said. ”The support has been off the charts.”

Williams has had minor health issues in recent years, including occasional bouts with vertigo and back problems. He had shoulder surgery three years ago to repair a torn labrum, which left him to coach several weeks with his left arm in a sling.

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