Netflix's 'House of Cards' Queued Up For February 1, 2013

House of Cards is next in the queue of Netflix’s original series. Netflix’s first attempt at an instant watch original TV series, Lillyhammer, failed miserably but hopefully House of Cards’ grade-A cast can pull in the viewers. The political drama stars Kevin Spacey (American Beauty), Robin Wright (The Princess Bride), and Kate Mara (127 Hours). The series is set in Washington D.C. where Spacey plays an ambitious House Majority Whip hell bent on political ascension.  His wife, played by Wright, is equally as committed to helping him rise to political greatness. You can expect to see themes of greed, corruption, sex, and love. House of Cards is one of Netflix’s most anticipated shows, trailing only behind the release of the fan favorite Arrested Development.

Netflix’s strategy of instant watch original series is brilliant. More and more people are watching TV shows streaming from their computers rather than turning on the television. Nowadays it’s hard to find quality television on prime time channels, but with instant watch you can choose from a wider range of series. Additionally, a viewer can easily switch to something else if you don’t like what you’re currently watching – without having to wait for a specific air time. Watching on a computer is more convenient and portable. Plus, with set ups like Apple TV it’s just as easy to watch a streaming show on the big screen if that’s more your thing! As you can clearly see, I’m a big proponent of Netflix instant watch and I think these Netflix original series are a new frontier of quality programming.

The best part of House of Cards as a Netflix instant watch series? All thirteen episodes will be airing on Feb 1st, so if you really like the show you won’t have to wait for the next episode!

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