Paris Jackson Fools Fans

Paris Jackson has inherited her late father Michael Jackson’s ability to get the media and fans in a frenzy over nothing. The 14-year-old budding actress fooled fans over the weekend when she posted pictures of herself sporting a new cropped do.

Accompanying the photos on Twitter and Instagram, Jackson wrote: “That awkward moment when everyone is saying no to doing the right thing. If I want to cut my hair and donate it I’d appreciate some support.” It turned out, however, that the new look was temporary. Paris was wearing a wig in the photos, one of her representatives confirmed with the Huffington Post.

But before she could reveal the truth, fans started weighing in on the new look. “Nooo! you are going to regret that,” wrote one Instagrammer. Another said: “Good for you! You look grown up now!”

Jackson is slated to star in the upcoming production of  Lundon’s Bridge and the Three Keys, which will be released in 2013.

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