LoLo Jones In Hot Water Over Tweet To Paralyzed Athlete Eric LeGrand

LoLo Jones is no stranger to getting trashed by the media and her latest Twitter gaffe is no different. A decorated track and field athlete Lolo doesn’t take kind to being challenged by a football player and former Rutgers football player Eric LeGrand learned that the hard way.

LeGrand who doesn’t personally know Jones challenged her to a race…on Twitter.

Lolo’s response? “Get Checked for a concussion. Clearly, you’ve been hit in the head. . . Cos you arnt beating a track athlete. . . ”

Here’s the thing, in 2010 LeGrand suffered a severe spinal injury that left him paralyzed at the time. In 2011 it was announced that the former football player regained movement in his shoulders and sensation throughout his body.

It’s a minor detail that Jones was unaware of and LeGrand didn’t disclose on his Twitter page.

That didn’t stop Twitter followers from pounding her with insluts for being insensitive.

“You know he’s a quadrapalegic now?’

“No. Dnt know. Sry. Dont know every football player,” Jones replied. “He challenged me to a race and I responded. . . ”

Then she Tweeted: “I’m gonna get murdered for that Tweet. When I had no clue who that dude was. Just responding to any athlete who challenges me to a race.”

As if an apology tweet wasn’t enough, the 100-meter hurdler sent a statement over to Yahoo Sports,

“I’m truly sorry if I offended anyone by my tweet. When Eric challenged me to a race earlier all I knew was that he was a football player, but certainly had no idea he had become paralyzed from a football injury. I thought I was tweeting in good fun like I always do with the many athletes who challenge me to races.”

Luckily, LeGrand himself was not offended, Tweeting: “Sorry for all this crazy stuff being said. Much respect for you” and “this is wild did not know this was going to happen. You have a supporter in me for sure.”

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