Joey Fatone Eliminated from Dancing With The Stars

Joey Fatone was sent packing from “Dancing With the Stars,” Bristol Palin claims there is a conspiracy against her and Sabrina Bryan ruled the dance floor.

Many considered Palin to be one of the worst, if not the worst, dancer in the competition on Monday but somehow, she was saved. Perhaps boy band fans were outnumbered by Palin’s conservative fan base. “Dancing With The Stars” alum Pamela Anderson joked last week that Sarah Palin’s baby girl “has the whole Tea Party, right?” Nonetheless, Fatone had to go but the perpetually jolly NSYNC alum was a good sport about the elimination. “Everybody had a good time. … People said I was fun, that’s all that matters,” he said after his elimination.

Oddly, Palin isn’t as optimistic and seems to think she gets lower marks because the judges are out to get her. “It is what it is. I’m going to get sixes no matter what. … I don’t … whatever … it’s all good,” she sulked. Palin should probably suck it up and be glad she is still able to compete. While Palin was playing conspiracy theorist, other contestants were having a grand time after getting high marks and great feedback.

Former Cheetah Girl Sabrina Bryan shined after a difficult dance move resulted in a minor injury. Still, she didn’t let that setback deter her and she ended up executing the move perfectly and was lavished with praised from the judges. “Your top line is something that I’ve never seen before, ever,” said Carrie Ann Inaba. “You had grace, you had drama, you had dynamics. It was awesome!”

Bruno Tonioli called Bryan “a dazzler” and Len Goodman complimented her on her control. “The hits just keep on coming,” Len cheered. “You kept all your upper body calm and under control, but your legs were working.”
Bryan also scored the first 9 of the season and received a total of 26 out 30 points. Perhaps Palin should focus on catching up to Bryan instead of assuming the world is out to get her.

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