Blue Note’s ‘Barack Obama’s Jazz’ are Coolest Images Since Shepard Fairey’s in 2008

LONDON, England — Many people consider JFK to have been the coolest ever US president and whilst we admire his effortless nay timeless Ivy League style. We are big fans here of the present incumbent and are actually quite jealous of our friends across the pond. Whatever it is that makes people cool (and we don’t pretend to know for one minute what that indefinable ‘thing’ is) Barack Obama has it in droves. David Cameron most certainly doesn’t.

We recently found out that Barack Obama has a pretty cool tribute in the form of his own Facebook page entitled Barack Obama’s Jazz which features mock-ups of various Blue Note album covers with Mr Obama taking pride of place. The pictures are a lot better than we can describe and may even sound a bit cheesy but they have been really well done – don’t just take our word for it, have a look below. In the meantime and as a fitting tribute to our great leader we are setting up the David Cameron’s 90s Boy Band Facebook page – should be a roaring success we reckon!

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