Original 'Steel Magnolias' Producer Files Lawsuit For Credit And Fees

A lawsuit filed Monday could put a stop to the October 7 airing of the latest remake of “Steel Magnolias” which features an impressive ensemble of African American actresses. The executive producer of the original film, Victoria L. White, filed the suit alleging that the current production violates the television agreement included in her original contract.

In the suit filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court, Price is seeking a co-producer or co-executive producer credit on the new TV movie starring Queen Latifah, Phylicia Rashad, Jill Scott and Alfre Woodard. White, who was not involved in the production, says also that she’s entitled to some cash for the Lifetime Entertainment remake — including a $15,000 fee, plus up to 3.75% of net profits from the movie. The suit also alleges that Sony Studios is fully aware of White’s TV deal. White says she is sure of this since the mega studio gave her a co-producer credit and compensation for a 1992 TV movie based on “Steel Magnolias.”

Neither Sony or Lifetime have responded to the lawsuit.


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