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New Study: Many Women Avoid Regular Breast Self-Exams Out of Fear

A third of women do not check their breasts for possible cancerous tumours because they are scared of what they might find, research suggests.

And only one in 10 women who regularly check their breasts said they do so because they are scared of getting the disease, a survey found.

More than half (55%) said they would be more likely to check their breasts if it was integrated into their grooming routine, according to the Avon Breast Promise report, which surveyed 2,000 women in the UK.

Psychologist Professor Janet Reibstein said: “As the Avon report shows, fear and anxiety do not always encourage better habits, especially if you don’t see yourself at much risk. Breast checking needs to start young. As a young woman, not only are you becoming conscious of your body, but it’s the point in your life when you set up many routines that will last a lifetime.”

Separate research from Breakthrough Breast Cancer suggests only 2% of women can name five warning signs of breast cancer. The YouGov survey of 1,000 women also found that fewer than half (45%) of women check their breasts regularly, with the most common reason among those who do not being that they simply forget (57%).

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