Seth MacFarlane To Host Academy Awards

According to, Seth MacFarlane will be hosting the 85th annual Academy Awards. MacFarlane is the creator of the animated TV sitcoms’ Family Guy, The Cleveland Show, and American Dad!. He recently proved his movie making chops with his blockbuster hit Ted, starring Mark Whalberg, Mila Kunis and MacFarlane voicing Ted, the starring stuffed bear. He was mostly known for his voice acting talents, but MacFarlane revealed he is equally as hilarious in person when he hosted SNL on September 15th.

MacFarlane has certainly proved his talents as an actor, voice actor, animator, screenwriter, comedian, producer, director, and singer. Regardless of his impressive resume, MacFarlane is a pretty surprising choice to host the family friendly awards show. His humor is definitely R-rated, raunchy, and usually appeals to a very select audience. It’s tough to say if the Academy, comprised mostly of old white men, will find MacFarlane funny or just plain offensive. Before his success with Ted and hosting SNL, MacFarlane was fairly unknown face. While I don’t love MacFarlane’s smug attitude and huge ego, the guy is undoubtedly talented. Hopefully he can pull this off without offending everyone. 

Watch MacFarlane as the Oscar’s host on Sunday, February 24th, 2013 and decide for yourself if he is worthy of the role.

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