Michelle Obama Sleeveless Controversy, First Lady Doesn't "Look the Part"

Michelle Obama has upset one Virginia voter, Bobbie Lussier, by having toned arms and wearing sleeveless dresses which apparently isn’t the way a first lady is “supposed to look.”

Michelle Obama has constantly had high approval ratings ever since her husband ran for president back in 2008, but the sleeveless controversy surrounding her fashion choices is threatening to change that… well at least for one voter.

Bobbie Lussier is fed up with the First Lady and claims that she doesn’t act or look the way a first lady should.

“She’s far from the first lady,” Lussier said in an interview with NPR’s Ari Shapiro. “It’s about time we get a first lady in there that acts like a first lady, and looks like a first lady.”

Of course the immediate response was that there was a racial undertone to the Virginia women’s statement about the president’s wife.

When it comes down to it, most of the first ladies all look different other than the fact they were all white. Now that America has welcomed its first African American presidential family, there is a certain stereotype that the first lady is supposed to fit?

The angered voter tried to explain herself by pointing out Michelle Obama’s fashion choices and how they were incredibly inappropriate for the White House.

“I don’t care what color she is,” Bobbie said in defense against accusations that she was being racist. “I mean, can you imagine you know, Kennedys or Bushes or anybody doing pushups on the floor? I mean you know. That’s just not a first lady.”

She certainly has a point. In the midst of a rapidly growing obesity problem in America, how dare the first lady take the time to get in shape by doing push ups? A true lady wouldn’t dare break a sweat and would remain thin by refusing to eat.

Needless to say, her claims that the first lady is less of a first lady because she works out are a bit absurd, but the ridiculous claims didn’t stop there.

Apparently, the first lady has also been very risqué when it comes to her fashion choices.

“I mean she’s more about showing her arms off… I think that’s very inappropriate for a lot of functions that she goes to,” Bobbie continued. “…You see her walking around in shorts, and you know, just real casual wear. And to me … I mean when I go to functions I kind of dress up other than today, but you just gotta look the part.”

Besides the fact that the Virginia voter had to excuse her own outfit when she knew she was going to be interviewed – which seems like a good time that you would want to “look the part” – there was another major flaw in her logic.

“We wore sleeveless dresses all the time,” Letitia Baldridge, Jacqueline Kennedy’s social secretary admitted.

Also the accusations about the First Lady’s shorts fell a bit, well, short.

The mother of two wore some comfortable shorts that reached mid thigh while she was on vacation in the Grand Canyon where intense heat is a constant environmental factor.

We’re pretty sure there aren’t many people who would opt for another outfit other than shorts during a trip to the Grand Canyon, and Michelle has never flaunted a pair of shorts to any professional function.

A poll conducted by the HuffPost style even revealed that the majority of those who voted saw no problem with the president’s wife wearing a pair of shorts on vacation.

After all, when it comes to the way someone is “supposed to look,” shouldn’t we consider the fact that at one point the president wasn’t “supposed to look” black either, but being black hasn’t made Obama any less of a president has it?

In other Obama news, the president has been giving props to presidential candidate Mitt Romney on his debating skills claiming his GOP opponent is a “good debater.”

When asked about his own skills on the debate floor the president tried to lower expectations before the first round of debates this week by saying he was “just okay” at debating.

The first debate of three between Obama and Romney will take place this Wednesday and is sure to cover controversial hot topics such as health care, foreign affairs, and the overall status of the economy.



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