Beyonce, Rihanna Support Jay-Z at Barclays Arena Amidst Protest

Rihanna and Beyonce Support Jay Z Beyonce and Rihanna came out to support hip hop mogul Jay-Z during his first performance at the Barclays Center in his hometown Brooklyn, but while the ladies were showing support protestors were outside doing the exact opposite.

The lavish Barclays Center opened Friday night and Jay-Z has already claimed that, along with the Brooklyn Nets.

“Welcome to my house,” the 42-year-old rapper shouted at the beginning of the two hour long set.

Mr. Carter was dressed in a black and white Nets jersey with the number 4 on it along with his last name.

The theatrics on the stage fit perfectly with the rappers iconic persona, as images of Brooklyn flashed across a giant screen in the background of the stage before Beyonce’s husband started performing.

The slide show included iconic moments of the city’s history such as the completion of the Brooklyn Bridge and the opening of Ebbets Field.

Throughout the night, the rap star gave tribute to other lyrical artists who helped pave the way in the world of hip hop.

The intro slide show included a photo of the late rapper, Ol’ Dirty Bastard and later in the show the “Empire State of Mind” rapper called for a moment of silence for the Notorious B.I.G and played two of his songs during the set.

Beyonce Not Pregnant Again, Attends JayZ ConcertWhen Jay-Z got on the mic again, he performed a series of all his best hits including “Empire State of Mind,” “Dirt off my Shoulder,” “Big Pimpin,” and of course his classic hit “Hard Knock Life.”

Blue Ivy Carter’s pop had his number one fan “front and center” for his performances as Beyonce danced and rapped along to her man’s hits all night.

Sources from inside the show claimed that the 31-year-old R&B crooner even played around with people inside by aiming a flashlight at some of them while Jay performed “Dirt off your Shoulders.”

“She was having fun playing with people,” the source said. Which can only be expected since Beyonce has claimed several times that her husband makes her feel like a kid again.

During the set, the 40/40 club owner performed one song that featured one of his most supportive fellow artists.

Although Rihanna didn’t join Jay on stage for his performance of “Run This Town” she surely would have if he had requested of her presence.

“When [Jay-Z] calls, I go,” Rihanna stated.

It’s no surprise considering the roll call of sorts that the hip hop mogul shouted during his verse on Kanye West’s song “Clique.”

Rihanna supports Jay Z and his Clique“Yeah, I’m talking Ye, yeah I’m talking Rih/ Yeah, I’m talking B…,” he rapped in first two bars of his verse.

Even Rihanna acknowledged her place in the “Clique” as she went on to switch her loyalty in sports based on her mentor’s part ownership of the Nets.

“I have to support the Nets, they’re part of my clique,” she exclaimed in an interview with Confidential on Thursday.

Well Rih and B certainly supported the member of their clique, despite the fact the crowds outside the Barclays Center didn’t feel the same way.

According to NY1 reports, “Several community activist groups protested outside the new Barclays Friday, some demonstrating against gun violence, some with the Occupy movement (which Jay-Z is openly against), some who have opposed the aren’t project from the start.”

Candace Carponter of Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn was a part of the protestors and stated, “Our pursuit is to send a strong message that will prevent these types of practices in our community by this development or any other…”

Despite concerns that the new arena would create uncontrollable traffic and end in eruptions of violence, the police were in full force on both horses and on feet, along with several under cover officers in order to make sure the peace was maintained.

The sold out performance ended without any major issues and the police force even thanked the Grammy award winning rapper for bringing a new life to Brooklyn.


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