Nicki Minaj Drops $70,000 on Mentor Lil Wayne’s Birthday T-Rex

Nicki Minaj Gives Lil Wayne T Rex for his 30 Birthday Nicki Minaj made sure to get Lil Wayne something unexpected for his 30th birthday present; a $70,000 car-motorcycle hybrid called a T-Rex.

The small two seater hybrid is an extremely light weight vehicle that is capable of reaching speeds up to 150 mph.

According to TMZ, the three wheeled Campagna T-Rex 14R retails for about 50,000, but as a special “thank you” for all Weezy has done for the American Idol judge’s career she tricked it out with some special customizations.

The “Pound the Alarm” rapper made sure that every time the hip hop star looked at the gift he would know exactly who it was from by getting “Nicki Loves Tunechi” painted across the back of the tricked out vehicle.

“Wayne has always been my biggest influence,” the “Starships” crooner said. “It’s weird because I sit down and talk to Wayne like he’s just a regular human being, and then I walk on stage with him and there’s 20,000 people screaming for him.”

Seeing the man she considers to be a mentor and a father being screamed for by thousands upon thousands of people has also helped the 29-year-old rapper/pop singer realize that her dreams of success and fame are completely attainable… in fact she pretty much has already attained it.

Nicki Gives Back To Lil Wayne For Boosting her Career Of course, success does have its downsides and for the hip hop Barbie, it was not getting lectured and pushed around by Weezy anymore.

“I usually pick the beat when me and Wayne do something,” the VMA winning songstress explained. “I went to Miami and I started grilling him like, ‘Hey, why don’t you lecture me anymore?’ and he says, ‘You made it already I ain’t got to tell you s**t,’” Nicki told MTV News with a slight grin.

During the interview, Minaj realized that the YMCMB rappers are just an extended family for her as she likened Drake as a brother and Lil Tunechi as a father figure.

“It’s really funny,” she continued. “It’s like having a strict parent and when you no longer have it [you] kinda want that. I told him, ‘I miss when you would lecture me and tell me to keep on my grind and do this and do that – where’s the love?’”

The “Super Bass” crooner may miss the “Green Ranger” rapper’s lectures, but having one of the reigning kings in hip hop confirm that her career has already sky rocketed must still be an amazing feeling.

“He’s always gonna be my mentor,” she added.

No matter what the wig loving rap star has assured that she will always have an incredible close bond with Wayne.


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