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Details on 'Dark Knight Rises' Blu-Ray and 'Dark Knight Trilogy' Boxset

It’s only fitting one of the biggest movies of the year should warrant a jam-packed Blu-Ray and DVD release. The Dark Knight Rises, the final chapter in Christopher Nolan’s epic, genre-defining Batman trilogy, will be released on home video December 4th. Something tells me a lot of excited fanboys and fangirls will be asking Santa for this one.

Today, Warner Bros. announced the list of special features on The Dark Knight Rises Blu-Ray. According to Ropes of Silicon, they are:

  • The Batmobile Documentary
  • “Ending the Knight” Documentary
  • Production
  • The Prologue: High Altitude Hijacking
  • Beneath Gotham
  • Return to the Batcave
  • Batman vs Bane
  • The Bat
  • Armory Accepted
  • Gameday Destruction
  • Demolishing a City Street
  • The Pit
  • The Chant
  • The War on Wall Street
  • Race to the Reactor
  • The Journey of Bruce Wayne
  • Gotham’s Reckoning
  • Characters
  • A Girl’s Gotta Eat
  • Shadows and Light in Large Format
  • Reflections
  • The End of A Legend
  • Trailers
  • Art Gallery

Check out the chapter listings for that documentary! Looks like Warner Bros. hasn’t missed a single aspect of filmmaking–something diehard Batman fans will definitely appreciate.

For the truly dedicated, Warner Bros. will also be releasing all three Nolan Batman films in a massive collector’s edition boxset. The Dark Knight Trilogy, also rolling out December 4th, includes Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises on Blu-Ray: more than seven and a half glorious hours of Batman. No doubt this giftset will fly off the shelves, so you’ll want to start saving your pennies now.

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