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'The Dark Knight Rises': 2012's Biggest Movie Let Down

There may be many people who might disagree with this critical assessment of The Dark Knight Rises since it was the biggest films of 2012. Heck, Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy generated a huge following of loyal fans, some of which probably believe that Nolan can do no wrong, but keep an open mind and discover why The Dark Knight Rises was ultimately a weak movie.

For a man to be in the state of depression because of some chick (Rachel Dawes) who he barely sees in the movie was very weak. I would have much prefer to see the death of Dawes push Bruce Wayne/Batman over the edge. Maybe he would have taking his frustrastion out by not only beating the hell out of hardened criminals but petty offenders as well. That would have made the film more interesting and would have set up a more dangerous Batman figure, who might have actually stood a chance in beating Bain in his first meeting. Instead we had to suffer through a predictable fight, which featured a crippled man and a monster.

By the way, come on, Wayne had a crippled leg and a broken back and in a month’s time he is rehabilitated and crawling out of a hole, where he falls, re-injures his back and heals several times, until he realizes what everyone in the movie theater already knew, lose the rope and to jump to freedom. I’m still asking myself how does this guy with no money, passport, or ID, sneaks his way around the world and then break into a secure city which is guarded by thousands of troops? How did it happen, I would have liked to see that?

Finally, the epic battle between Good and Evil (which we have waited the whole movie to see) comes to such an anti-climatic end with the catwoman casually rolling up on the batcycle shooting Bain, killing him at a convenient time. Good grief that was horrible!

Overall, the good far out weighed the bad for The Dark Knight Rises, but I set Nolan on a very high bar. Therefore, issues like these cannot go without calling attention to them.

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