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Nicki Minaj Lands Trilogy Special, Not Rumored Reality Series

The Nicki Minaj reality show was nothing more than a misunderstanding, but the American Idol judge will be exposing her personal life in a trilogy of specials on E!

When video of Nicki’s interview with Perez Hilton hit the airways, many viewers speculated that the YMCMB rapper landed a reality series and was on her way to be the next Kardashian.

“I thought I’d never do something like that and I’m still considering, but I find that the more people see is the more they understand and the more they like you,” the “Pound the Alarm” rapper admitted which sparked rumors that she was referring to a reality show program.

As it turns out Minaj will certainly be giving her fans a look into her personal life, but they shouldn’t expect a season premier of Keeping Up With the Minaj.

Instead of a full reality series, the hip hop Barbie will be shooting for a trilogy of specials similar to her 2010 MTV special “My Time Now.”

According to the network the award winning rapper, sometimes pop artists, “will offer viewers exclusive intimate access to her personal and professional life… including never-before-seen footage.”

E! also confirmed that it will just be a three part special and not the full season after season reality show that many of the rapper’s “Barbs” were already anticipating.

Of course, any questions about Nicki are followed by questions about the rumored American Idol feud that both Minaj and Mariah have blatantly denied.

“Mariah is a legend and I just want to say that… I’m sitting next to a woman who I’ve looked up to since I can remember enjoying music,” the latest addition to the Idol judges panel told Access Hollywood at the launch of her new perfume Pink Friday.

While the R&B butterfly made it seem as if her and the “Roman’s Revenge” rapper had not the slightest bit of tension between each other, rap’s current first lady was the first to hint that although they are getting along there might be a little tension considering their personalities.

“It’s obvious that we both have strong personalities, but ultimately, there’s respect there and I think if nothing else, it’ll make for really great TV,” the wig loving rap star explained.

She even admitted that her own bold personality means “there’ll be a slap somewhere in this season!”

Well as great as it would be for television, that slap won’t be directed at any of her fellow judges.

“People are gonna laugh and people are gonna have a lot of fun… we just laugh ultimately at everything,” the “Starships” crooner said in reference to her co-judges.

In order for things to always be “fun,” however, the curvaceous beauty from Queens did admit that she would have to do some work on her attitude.

“You know what, I’m just trying to nullify my diva-ness right now,” she explained. “I just wanna not be a diva at all.”

Although it would be interesting to see Minaj lose her “diva” touch, she does seem to be very well aware that being a diva comes with a bit of drama and a bit of drama brings in good ratings.



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